XP-1 Testimonials & Reviews

Ultimate for everyday charging needs 5 star rating

We have 2 of these and use them for jumping the car/motorcycle, laptop, and cell phones. No doubt this should be in everyone’s pack.

XP-1 Micro-Start Power Bank


I was on holidays the last two weeks went all over the province of British Columbia and over to the Vancouver Island and Jasper National Park. While in Jasper Park I ran across an amazing interesting product. I pull a Lee-sure Lite Tent Trailer which is amazing in itself and with that I have been powering off the bike and charging a variety of items like my GPS, Iphone, Sony portable Blueray disc player, Bose Soundlink speaker, and Nolan N-Com Helmet sound system. That is a lot to power for sure and have always been worried I would draw the battery in bike down to where it will not start. Have now solved my problem.

I found the Antigravity Battery Micro-Start XP-1 in Jasper. It is an amazing system. It is not only a portable jump starter but is also a power supply for all my array of portable products I carry with me. I no longer have any worries at all about not being able to get going in the morning or using my various devices on the road or ever being with out power for them. It will also charge while I a riding the bike back up to full charge in a couple hours while riding just plugging it into the cigarette lighter.

The reviews on this product are fantastic it will start 30 yes 30 maintained cars with a 350 engine that the battery is dead. The product comes in a carry case watch the video with all the connectors you need really to hook up any item and booster cables too. It also has a light on the unit and it is light to carry at about 14 oz. It is truly amazing I find and solves every problem I had while camping and having no power supply available in a campsite. All this for 189.00 Canadian. USB port on unit along with plug in for various items and also a light that gives out a strobe flash or SOS flash and flashlight. They have thought of it all to solve a problem. Also a meter on unit to tell you the amount of charge in unit.

You can also purchase online from them three other options I have sent away for. You need a heavier cable to hook up directly to boost you can not use your battery tender cable at all as it would burn through so I have purchased that at 29.00 and the jumper cables and these come with a polarity safety feature also so that is why the cost is up on these and you can still hook up your battery tender. I also purchased the cigarette lighter plug for plugging in items that might not be included in kit at 10.99. They also have a very small air compressor at 24.00 that I purchased is very small and rating on this is excellent also.

A quality product for sure.

Nothing Like It 5 star rating

This little compact power unit is amazing; so far it has performed and amazed me on what it does. I will take this with me everywhere just in case – charges and jump starts great. Small, compact and priced right.

Best on the Market 5 star rating

I’ve used the Antigravity Micro Start XP-1 and the Powerall product. These two are top rated but I found the XP-1 to be superior in battery power and the number of accessories it comes with.


XP-3 Testimonials & Reviews

Small unit that packs a punch 5 star rating

We have been very happy with our XP-3. It’s the perfect size for packing on our adventure motorcycles. Charges everything when we stop for the night and gives us the confidence of knowing we can jump one of the bikes if necessary.

XP-3 Micro-Start Power Bank

For emergencies 5 star rating

Bought for emergency start of snowmachine, haven’t had to use it yet. Very good customer contact and shipping.

WOW! I was amazed AND impressed! 5 star rating

This little gadget is just what I needed/wanted to carry around for emergencies and such! I have been having trouble with my battery and/or electrical on my motorcycle. While riding it for a day, I stopped at least 4 different times, and each time, my motorcycle would not start after I stopped. I attached this baby (Micro Start XP 3) to the battery, & my motorcycle started w/o an issue, and I was off & riding again. Quick, easy, and VERY reliable! I’m wanting to try it on a car now, to see if it’s got the juice/guts to get it going.

Everyone Needs This Jump Box 5 star rating

I don’t know why anyone would head off-road, on the water, or anywhere remote without one of these. So small and easy to use. We are going to sell a lot of these!


XP-5 Testimonials & Reviews

The Mighty Micro!! 5 star rating

The XP5 is an awesome power unit, I can’t say enough about the ease of use, the charging capacity and it WILL jump start a V6 engine or smaller with no trouble at all. This is a must have for sure!! I was so impressed, I made a YouTube video. Seeing is believing.

XP-5 Micro-Start Power Bank

Compact Power in Your Pocket 5 star rating

Got it fairly fast considering the holidays. Looks to be made very well, haven’t used it yet but I’m sure it’ll do what it’s supposed to do. Going to use it in my car and on my motorcycle trips which is where it will be needed. Very satisfied.

This is a MUST have!! 5 star rating

I ordered the XP5 on 1-13-15, it arrived to my door step on 1-15-15, Super fast delivery. I took my XP5 to work on Friday 1-16-15 to show my co-workers; in the mean time one of my drivers came in and had a dead battery, his vehicle had sat for 2 weeks in Michigan’s subzero temperatures, SO! here was the big test. A crowd of people went outside and gathered around as I hooked up the XP5 to the dodge Dakota and with the first turn of the key his truck started right UP!!!! We all were amazed, needless to say 10 of my co-workers are ordering their own unit as I type this. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to say the least!!!

Powerful Performance from a Small Package 5 star rating

If this product lives up to video demonstration, it changes the standard for portable electronic power sources. Well engineered and even better constructed. This is a thinking man’s tool available to everyone for a very reasonable price.


XP-10 Testimonials & Reviews

First time every time5 star rating

I’m a professional car hauler and it is so much easier to carry this around an auction yard than a 30-40 IBS jump box and this will start it the first time every time.

XP-10 Micro-Start Power Bank

Love It!5 star rating

I was a little skeptical about how well this would work but decided to try it out. I’ve had it a little over a month now and have probably jumped about 40 diff cars with it and it’s never let me down. The flashlight on it is pretty bright too, makes it easier to see where I’m hooking the clamps up to instead of trying to hold a flashlight in one hand & get to the battery with the other. Everything fits nice in the zippered case it comes with & it’s much easier to carry around and sit under the hood than trying to find a spot for the big jump boxes we used to use. I haven’t tried charging my phone or laptop with it yet but my main reason for buying it was jump starting and I’m beyond impressed with it.

Just purchased My third one.5 star rating

A friend of mine had shown me his XP-1 and said how much he liked it. By the time I went to buy one the XP-10’s were out. I used it several times on cars, trucks and motorcycles. I bought one for my son and I put my other one in my wife’s car. The third one will be going back in my bike or jeep, whichever one that I’m in. I’ve also used to charge my cell phone more than once.

Nothing but good things to say after a year of heavy & varied use…5 star rating

Awesome bit of kit.. Been extensively field tested here in New Zealand and 1 year later and it’s still going strong!.. essential bit of kit for extended missions via plane & helicopter.. great safety to have this along.. I’ve jump started all sorts of vehicles over this time, used my laptop extensively, plugged many 12volt electronic into it like UHF & VHF radios, bilge pumps etc.. still going strong & out performs everything else that’s even slightly comparable.. saved my ass a few times in the middle of nowhere!