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Micro-Start Products

MICRO-STARTS are lightweight and fit in your pocket so you can take your personal power supply (PPS) everywhere! Have the power to jump-start a dead battery safely & easily. Keep your devices charged whether you’re studying near home, traveling, or riding or camping off-road. People are always discovering new uses for their Micro-Starts!

Micro-Start Accessories

Antigravity Batteries offers many accessories to use with your Micro-Start, as extras or for replacement. We have a growing selection of cables, adapters and other accessories so you can get the most out of your PPS!

Tire Inflator Air Pump. Micro-Start Accessory


Compatibility: XP-1, XP-10

JumpStarting Accessories for Micro-Start


Smart Clamps & Harnesses

Cable Accessories for Micro-Start


Multi-Tip USB, Memory Saver…

Replacement Accessories for Micro-Start


Chargers, Laptop Tips…

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ALL MICRO-STARTS are lightweight & compact so you can easily store it in your backpack, purse, or glovebox. The SPORT is our most compact kit, and the XP-10-HD is most powerful!


MICRO-STARTS can easily jump-start cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, ATV/UTV and more! The XP-1, XP-3, and SPORT will start V8s. Amazingly, our XP-10 and XP-10-HD models can even start diesel engines!


EVERY MICRO-START has at least one USB port so you can power your cell phones, cameras, GPS and more. Models XP-1, XP-10 and XP-10-HD also have 12V and 19V ports for charging accessory devices as well as your laptop!

Features & Functions of Micro-Start
High-Power Jump-Start Function
Remain confident you will always be able to start your vehicle! Take your Micro-Start everywhere and never worry about a dead battery again. Choose from FIVE different PPS models – each is equipped with a jump-start port capable of starting V8 trucks. For ultimate power our XP-10 and XP-10-HD have the ability to start Diesel engines. All PPS models include safe jump-starting clamps that have built-in protections.
USB Charger, Portable Power Bank
All Micro-Start models include at least one USB port and a multi-tip USB cable so you can conveniently charge most of your devices and have back-up power on the go. Take your personal power supply (PPS) to work, out studying, or exploring; and keep your phone, tablet, camera, GPS and many other USB devices charged.
12V Charger, Micro-Start Function
Need a portable battery booster that can also keep your 12V accessories charged? Take a look at either our XP-1, XP-10, or XP-10-HD Micro-Starts which additionally feature a 12V port and include a universal DC cable. Now you can conveniently charge and power mobile DVD players, Antigravity’s compact tire inflator & air pump accessory, and many other 12V devices.
Laptop Charger, Portable Power Supply
Always be sure you can get that last bit of work done with this portable power bank by your side. Along with the USB and 12V ports, Micro-Starts XP-1, XP-10, and XP-10-HD also feature a 19V port for charging and powering your laptop! These three Micro-Start kits include a universal DC cable and 8 assorted tips to charge different laptop brands such as Acer, Dell, HP, Asus and others.
LED Flashlight Multi-Pattern Feature
Every Micro-Start is equipped with a high-power LED flashlight. In addition to its steady beam mode, the flashlight also features both SOS and strobe patterns. This built-in flashlight is handy for emergencies and for jump-starting at night. It’s also great for many other situations in dark environments such as looking through luggage, or lighting up your tent and campground.
Carry Case for Micro-Start Kit
Each Micro-Start comes as a complete kit inside a padded carry case. Organize and protect your power supply and included accessories and easily stow in your car, bag or suitcase. Take personal power everywhere!
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