Antigravity Downloads, Brochures, Applications & More

Whether you need product info, warranty form, or reseller application… we want it to be easy to find & get the information you’re looking for. So here is your one-stop spot for downloadable data (and helpful links)! We have grouped our many documents (PDF format) available to you – with more coming! Helpful downloadable data you will find here includes Brochures, Product Sheets, Instruction Manuals, Warranty Forms, Reseller Information and more.


Brochures, Product Sheets & Manuals

Take a look at our Info Brochures and Product Sheets to learn more about our innovative Micro-Start and Lithium Battery products. Download our instruction manuals for more details on our products’ functionality and how to use them.

Starter Battery Product Sheets and Manuals can be found on our main website:


Online Product Registration & Warranty Documents
Antigravity Products must be registered within the first 30 days from the original purchase date or original purchaser must provide original receipt in order to be eligible for a warranty claim. You can register your product on our website (links below). All warranty claims are handled by Antigravity Batteries directly. You can also read more online about our Warranty here.


MAP Policy, Products List & Reseller Application

Antigravity Batteries actively supports the advertising and promotion of its products through various avenues by its dealers, jobbers, wholesalers, and warehouse distributors. Antigravity offers programs for all levels of partnerships from local dealers to national distributors, and we would be glad to speak with you about working together. Take a look at our MAP Policy then fill out the Reseller Application and you can be set up immediately by our excellent support team!


Download Reseller MAP Policy for Antigravity Batteries


Download Reseller MSRP, Antigravity Products List


Download Reseller Application, Atigravity Batteries