Micro-Starts by Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries MICRO-START is the Original, Best Selling & TOP RATED mini Lithium Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply (PPS). When we say it’s SMALL, we mean it fits in your POCKET and weighs less than 1 lb! Yet the MICRO-START is so powerful it will easily jump-start any car, truck, motorcycle or powersports vehicle. Amazingly it will also quickly charge & power most all your electronic devices: laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and more! Never hunt for a power outlet – simply charge your MICRO-START and conveniently bring back-up power anywhere you go. Take us on your next adventure!

XP-10-HD HEAVY DUTY Micro-Start


XP-10-HD Micro-Start Power Supply
XP-10 Micro-Start


XP-10 Micro-Start Power Supply
XP-1 Micro-Start


XP-1 Micro-Start Power Supply
XP-3 Micro-Start


XP-3 Micro-Start Power Supply
SPORT Micro-Start


SPORT Micro-Start Power Supply
Complete Micro-Start Kits

Antigravity’s MICRO-START kits include everything you need to be powered on the go, whether simply charging your various electronic devices, or jump-starting a dead battery in your car, truck or motorcycle!

Complete Micro-Start Portable Power Kits

Each MICRO-START comes in a durable, padded carry bag with outer zipper. While the carry cases vary in size and design according to PPS model, they all have sewn-in elastic loops or mesh pockets to keep your MICRO-START and accessories organized and securely in place. Some carry cases also include a mesh pocket with zipper which allows you to secure additional items that the elastic bands or open pockets may not hold as well.

Micro-Start Features: Power Supply, JumpStarter

Your kit will come with all the accessories you need to use your MICRO-START right away, according to the ports your model has built-in. All PPS kits will include wall and mobile charger cables (except SPORT), a multi-tip USB cable, and mini Smart Clamps for jump-starting. Since the XP-1 and XP-10 also have 12V and 19V ports, their kits will additionally include a universal cable for all 12V accessories, and a universal cable with 8 different tips for laptop charging.

Micro-Start JumpStarting Mini Clamps

Included for jump-starting, your mini Smart Clamps have a sturdy design and feature multiple built-in protections. They have full protection from over-charge, over-discharge, reverse polarity connections, anti-spark, and no start on low voltage batteries. Your Smart Clamps also have a temperature sensor built-in that aids in preventing damage and makes for a safer product.

USB Device Charging, Micro-Start

This convenient multi-tip USB cable is included so you can charge most of your USB devices and save space when the cable’s being stored. It has 4 common tips to fit most 5V USB chargeable electronics such as Smartphones, iPads, iReaders, GoPro Cameras, GPS, Tablet computers, and anything else using the 5V USB standard. Tips are: Mini USB , Micro USB, Apple 8 pin, Apple 30 pin. (Note: the New model XP-10-HD (Heavy Duty) has a USB Type-C tip instead of Apple 30-pin).

12V & 19V DC Cable, Laptop Tips

Kits for MICRO-START models XP-1 and XP-10 additionally include two universal cables. One is for 12V accessories such as mobile DVD players, or Antigravity’s compact tire inflator/air pump which is specifically for the MICRO-START. The included 19V cable has 8 different detachable tips for charging laptops of various brands (Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, and more).

Wall Charger & Mobile Charger, Micro-Start Cables

The MICRO-START XP-1, XP-10 and XP-10-HD come with both a home/wall charger (110V-220V) and a mobile charger that plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. Conveniently charge your MICRO-START back up after its extended use whether at home or on the go. Our XP-3 and SPORT models do not have the wall or mobile chargers. Instead they are designed to charge off any available USB outlet, such as on your computer, in your car or even your existing Phone charger.

Many PPS (Personal Power Supply) Uses

The MICRO-START is a MUST-HAVE tool for anyone who drives a vehicle or has electronic devices they use regularly. It can jump-start Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles and Watercraft. It will charge and power devices such as: Cell Phones, iPads, Kindles, PSPs, PDAs, GPS, Bluetooth Devices, Cameras and more… MICRO-STARTS have numerous uses, are lightweight and fit in your pocket. So take your personal power supply (PPS) everywhere, whether working or studying near home, traveling for business, or riding or camping off-road. People are always discovering new uses for their MICRO-START!


With amazing capabilities and multiple functions, Antigravity’s MICRO-START PPS is the perfect do-it-all device whether you ride or drive. So small & lightweight you can carry it conveniently in your pocket, purse or backpack; and when you’re driving on the road, it easily fits under the seat, in your glove box, center console or motorcycle saddlebag. This high-power Lithium-Ion jumper pack is one of the best multi-function tools you can carry with you or have in your garage or toolbox.

Use your MICRO-START battery booster to easily jump-start any vehicle, and charge electronic devices you may be carrying along such as phone or tablet computer – it can also power automotive accessories like mobile DVD players. This portable PPS additionally features a built-in super-bright flashlight with SOS pattern and Strobe pattern to aid you in the night or dark environments. Some people have a Micro-Start solely to keep in their vehicle or emergency bag in the trunk and have a second to carry everywhere for daily use.

Simply charge your MICRO-START once and take personal power everywhere. No need for that traditional jump starter; save space with the powerful yet pocket-sized PPS – never hunt for a power outlet again!

Riders & Drivers Tool: Micro-Start Uses


The MICRO-START Personal Power Supply is an excellent solution for all travelers and frequent flyers. All of our PPS models are safe for air travel and are ultra compact to easily fit in your luggage, backpack, purse or even your pocket! How often have you seen people clustered around the power stations at an airport? How often does your phone, tablet or laptop run out of energy just when you need to make that important call or get that last bit of work done? Likely many of us are familiar with the experience of our beloved music players losing juice in the middle of a long ride…

The MICRO-START accommodates all those times when you need extra power to charge your electronics while on a business trip or commuting a distance by bus, train, subway or plane. Take your pocket-sized, personal power kit everywhere you go, whether traveling or in daily life, and have the ability to power your devices, or help a friend who needs to charge their own. Impressively, this high-power Lithium battery bank will also jump-start your car or other vehicle if you come back to a dead battery. Night time? No problem: it additionally features a built-in flashlight useful for many occasions such as looking through luggage or getting a better look at that map or sign when it’s dark. Don’t wait for your next road trip or emergency to occur to finally start experiencing the many benefits this mini booster pack offers. Discover its value for everyday use; never leave home without your MICRO-START!

Traveling Power: Micro-Start Uses


The uses & benefits of the MICRO-START in this area are many – just charge your mini PPS once and take instant portable power with you wherever you explore. Conveniently use your pocket-sized battery booster to jump start your (or your friend’s) vehicle should you accidentally drain the battery out in the wilderness. When it comes to outdoor adventures though, your Personal Power Supply is likely to most be used for its ability to keep all your electronics charged.

The MICRO-START easily powers GPS, Cameras, Backcountry Survival Tablets, Headlamps and other important devices especially useful for those long hikes or backcountry treks and primitive camping. Before night approaches, recharge some lanterns or LED flashlights for the camp site, or power the air compressor to pump up your air mattresses for a more comfortable sleep in your tent.

The uses for outdoor adventurers & explorers are numerous and you will find more all the time. We’ve used the MICRO-START to power tablets for kids to watch movies at night or power MP3 players to have music around the campground. In addition to its charging power, this PPS has a super bright built-in flashlight for when it’s dark: look around in the tent, walk in the woods, locate one another; or use when cooking in the pre-dawn morning before getting a head-start on the trail. Enjoy your camping or hiking trip to the fullest with assurance that you can stay powered in the wilderness, always able to charge cameras, light up the camp or jump-start your dirtbike.

Camping & Hiking Gear: Micro-Start Uses


Boater and Fisher people can use the MICRO-START for many things – always keep one on your vessel so you don’t get stuck out in the middle of the water and not being able to start you boat. Maybe you left the stereo on, or the fish finder? And you find yourself with a dead battery and can’t start it? The MICRO-START is your perfect solution for these situations. In addition some of the MICRO-START product lines come with power rating to keep your fish finders or other fishing accessories charged and working. Plus you don’t have to worry about the phone or radio going dead… you can easily recharge while you’re out boating on the water.

Boating & Fishing Device: Micro-Start Uses


The MICRO-START line of products is perfect for most Mechanics, both professionals and do it yourselfers. Antigravity Batteries XP-10 model has the massive power to start Diesels! All mechanics are sure to benefit from this multi-function tool. Jump-start vehicles, power a variety of devices and accessories, and use the ultra bright built-in flashlight for checking into dark areas when working on a vehicle.

We also offer a line of handy Accessories like our ODB2 Memory Saver Accessory which you can plug directly into some of our units and save all the settings in your vehicle such as the ECU, seat settings and radio settings when changing out the regular battery in the vehicle. No more lugging around a big jumper pack to jump start your vehicle; just carry your power in your POCKET.

Mechanics Tool: Micro-Start Uses


The MICRO-START is a perfect choice for students as nearly every student uses multiple electronic devices on a daily basis, from phones to tablets or laptops – and MICRO-START charges them all.

This portable personal power supply (PPS) is extremely compact & lightweight and fits into any backpack, carry bag and even your pocket. So if you’re in the library and need extra run time on your laptop or tablet you can simply plug into your compact, high-power PPS. Or you can be conveniently charging up your cell phone while studying in a coffee shop with no need to be next to a power outlet. Maybe you run out the door to beat rush-hour roads or catch that bus and discover your MP3 player or phone didn’t get charged the night before. No worry when you have a multi-function PPS to charge & power those devices and more while you’re driving or riding the light rail.

Why carry a normal battery-bank-style charger when you can carry a mini booster pack that is so powerful it also jump-starts your car, motorcycle or moped/scooter and is additionally equipped with a handy, bright flashlight.

Student Devices Micro-Start Uses
Micro-Start FAQ & Answers

Questions? Read the following MICRO-START FAQ for answers to common questions, or check our Downloads page for Product Sheets and other helpful documents. Still wondering? Feel free to call our knowledgeable Support team: 310 527 2330. Or visit our Antigravity Batteries website where you can live-chat with one of our techs!

The MICRO-START product line by Antigravity Batteries is known for its stellar performance and quality. Recently Consumer Reports honored the Micro-Start as the #1 Rated Jump-Starter over 12 competitors.

Micro-Starts are the ORIGINAL, best selling, world’s smallest lithium jump-starters that can also Charge & Power any of your electronics. Charge your Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, GoPro & other Cameras, MP3 Players, PSPs and numerous other devices. The Micro-Start is your POCKET-SIZED Personal Power Supply (PPS) that you simply charge once then conveniently take with you everywhere. It has stunning ability to Jump-Start your vehicles with ease, including V8 and Diesel Trucks**. It features a built-in LED Flashlight with two flash patterns. It also comes in a compact carry case as a complete kit with all the accessories you need. Never worry about returning to a dead battery or having an electrical outlet nearby. Take portable power wherever you go and always be prepared to supply back-up energy to charge your devices or jump-start your vehicles. (**Jump-Starting power varies by Micro-Start model. Our XP-10 is the most powerful that has Diesel starting ability.)

Currently we offer 4 MODELS of MICRO-STARTS. Some small enough to fit in your pocket and others that are capable of easily starting Diesel Trucks and charging laptops for hours. The basic differences are the POWER for jump-starting vehicles, the CAPACITY of the units for back-up power, and their features such as charging PORTS.

    For example, the XP-10 has 300A starting current and 600A Peak! It is our most powerful unit that can start Diesel Pick-up Trucks. The other Micro-Start models should not be used for Diesel jump-starting due to the fact that a Diesel motor has extremely high compression and needs very high Amp Discharge abilities. The XP-1, XP-3 and SPORT models can start gas engines up to V8** size. (**SPORT starts up to 4L V8, the XP-3 up to 5L V8, and XP-1 starts up to 6L V8.)
    ALL Micro-Starts are equipped with a USB port to charge your 5V USB devices. The XP-3 features TWO USB ports. Both XP-1 and XP-10 also have dual USB ports and additionally feature a 12V DC output for accessories and a 19V for laptops. All Micro-Starts have a built-in, very bright LED flashlight, including 2 flash patterns. XP-1 and XP-10 have ultra-bright lights!
  • ALL models themselves (except SPORT) can be recharged by wall outlet or vehicle’s cigarette lighter port – and these charger accessories are included as part of the Micro-Start kit. The XP-3 additionally has the ability to recharge from any USB connection, such as found on your computer or phone charger, or in your car, a hotel or airport. The SPORT model solely recharges by USB connection, making it the most compact kit we offer as it eliminates the need for the home and mobile charger accessories. Every Micro-Start comes in a durable carry case with all the accessories you need to charge your devices and jump-start your vehicle.

Our smallest units are not recommended for Diesel Motors (XP-1, XP-3, SPORT). Diesel Motors have extremely high compression and require the glow plugs to be ignited. You need maximum power for this application. We suggest the MICRO-START XP-10 as the unit best for starting Diesel pickup trucks like the DuraMax as well as Passenger Car diesel motors. We also have a specific larger model coming out for 12- and 24-Volt applications and for use with Diesel motors.

There are currently 4 different MICRO-START models (and more coming); some have higher capacity than others or more features. Capacity is the amount of energy that can be stored in the Micro-Start. For specifications and features of the different models, see their product pages – view all models here. But in general the amount of time a Micro-Start can charge a phone is also based on what it is charging. For example some phones have a larger battery than others. If you’re charging your phone while in use, or with the GPS running for the Maps feature, it will draw a lot of energy and the Micro-Start will not charge the phone as many times as when the phone is off and just charging.

In addition keep in mind that EACH different type of electronics device has different size of battery in them. For example if a MICRO-START XP-1 can charge an iPhone about 6-7 times, it may charge a different brand more or less times depending on the size of battery in that particular phone or other device. In addition Tablets have much larger batteries inside than a Cell phone so you would not get as many charges on a Tablet as compared to a Cell phone.

The MICRO-START warranties for 1 year and you can find the WARRANTY HERE.

  • Knowledge: First and foremost we are a company specializing in lithium battery manufacture and production. We are NOT a trading company like most every other company selling this type of product. The trading companies import a copy-cat product and then sell them without really knowing what makes for a good lithium battery. WE KNOW the product and continue to design and develop it.
  • Devotion: We are devoted to building the best product available in terms of performance and durability, but also in regards to design and innovation. Our MICRO-START is the ORIGINAL of its kind. Often copied, but never duplicated. It is the best selling and most reputable product in the Motorsports and Tool Channels.
  • Quality: We know all the companies that produce the parts for Lithium-Ion products. We know who makes the quality cells and products, while trading companies know little of their product or of the manufacture process for producing quality products – cheaper versions offer cheaper material. We use higher quality & UL-listed lithium cells; the quality of the cells and circuit boards inside is the heart of the product.
  • We are an American company dedicated to producing the most innovative, quality products in the Lithium-Ion market. When you purchase an Antigravity Micro-Start you are getting the best and highest quality in every component from Power Cells to our over-all design and build quality.

The Antigravity Batteries MICRO-START was the first and original mini jump-starter on the market. We are the world’s best selling mini-jump starter and within 6 months of the release of our product we started seeing lower-priced inferior copy-cat products. Just because it looks the same does not mean it is remotely similar in quality. There are many important factors involved with making a quality product of this type. Lithium Cells are the heart of the unit and a quality “A-Grade” lithium cell is quite expensive as is a quality circuit board. The use of inferior and low quality parts are how these copy-cat products are made and sold so cheaply. They use recycled lithium cell packs or a low grade cell that will work for a few months then die or lose performance, and they use a lower quality circuit board.

Additionally many sellers of these products are usually importers or sellers buying from a Chinese Trading Company with no understanding of what makes a quality lithium product. They just sell the latest “hot selling” product with no concern for warranty claims later. Most often times they inflate the milliamp hours (mAh) of their units to numbers that induce sales. They are most often no-name brands and usually have no quality control, no proper website and only have a presence on Amazon or Ebay. They often operate out of a garage or small warehouse with no phone number to call and ask questions.

Antigravity Batteries is a trusted, high-quality brand with business relationships with top distributors, dealers and brands in our industry. Antigravity Batteries will never attempt to use inferior materials or workmanship in regards to any aspects of our products. We stand behind producing the BEST product of it kind in all of our endeavors.

Your choice of which MICRO-START to get will depend on your uses. All models can charge your USB devices. If you need to run your laptop or want the highest capacity, take a look at the XP-1 and XP-10. Choose the XP-10 if you need Diesel jump-starting ability. If you want the smallest, lightest MICRO-START for ultimate portability, compare the capacities and features of our XP-3 and newest SPORT models.

Your choice might depend on how many devices you want to simultaneously charge. The XP-3 is equipped with two USB outputs while the SPORT has one. However our SPORT model comes in the most compact kit we offer, as it has ability to recharge off any USB connection and does not require the wall- and mobile-charger accessories.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Call our support team: 310 527 2330.

If you are only familiar with our MICRO-START line of products then you should also know we specialize in Lithium-Ion technology for the Motorsports/Powersports industries. We were established in 2009 and manufacture and develop batteries for use in motorcycles, Race Cars, Powersport Vehicles of all types and beyond. We also are engineering other Lithium-Ion Based products such as Blue Tooth Speakers and Power Banks… Please see our ABOUT US page for more details.

Micro-Start Accessories

Antigravity Batteries offers a broad selection of accessories for your MICRO-START, as extras or for replacement. From common cables to our unique Tire Inflator accessory, we make sure you can get the most out of your PPS!

Tire Inflator Air Pump. Micro-Start Accessory


Compatibility: XP-1, XP-10
JumpStarting Accessories for Micro-Start


Smart Clamps & Harnesses
Cable Accessories for Micro-Start


USB, Adaptors, Memory Saver
Replacement Accessories for Micro-Start


Chargers, Laptop Tips